Get rid of iOS upgrade badge on iPhone

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I want to be a Catholic. A good one. I want to believe that even in business there should be a fair play and moral laws. More than that. I still believe it will work this way and it’s better for everynone. It’s contrary to protestant view at social life. As a catholic I believe the only way to be saved goes through my deeds (acts), in other words: through what I do to other people.
Why am I writing such things in the context of iOS upgrade?
I believed that every iOS update Apple sent to our devices is something that will make them better and more secure. I still do when we talk about security but it’s also a win-win situation for Apple.
But I also believed next iOS update will make my device faster. I still believe a good programmer can find a way to improve his code: to make it run faster on older CPUs, to reduce it’s memory or energy consumption. Just to make it better for us – consumers.
So, I updated my old good iPhone4, then iPhone5 then iPhone6. And from time to time I felt cheated because after almost every upgrade my devices become more obsolete. They were noticeably slower givin me nothing useful in return (Hand Off was one of few exceptions).
I don’t want to say Apple’s developers are bad. I think they can’t just stop an illness called creeping featurismor if not it’s just a greedy and unfair way of doing bussiness by Apple.
First I stopped upgrading my two iPads (very old and older) and that was an experiment which was successful: both devices run flawlessly for over 6 years. Of course I took into account the lack of security.
So I stopped upgrading other devicesbut Apple is pushing me to do it even I don’t want.Let me stay silent about upgrade files stealing storage from my iPhone.What is most disturbing is this red badge over the Settings icon scratching my brain and yelling at me: “There’s something wrong with your iPhone!”.
So, I decided to remove it and with the help of DuckDuckGo I’ve found a way.
——————————- S O L U T I O N ———————————
It’s simple. What you have to do is find profile for tvOS and install it on your device. Profile is Property Listfile holding some information used by iOS in this case.
What you sould look for is file named:tvOS_11_beta_Profile.mobileconfig.
Send it to your iPhone with AirDrop or e-mail then install and voila! you’ll never see this terribile badge again.