Mikrotik and radar

Posted on Sat 24 June 2023 in Hardware

Network problems with my laptop begin to manifest few months ago. As I noticed then it was loosing connection to my 5GHz WiFi, automatically switching to another available network. I had no time to fix it. But month after month I noticed constant increase in those cases. So I investigated it last night discovering that Qualcomm WiFi interface discovers radar working nearby.

But it's lie. There's no weather or plane radars in my sorroundings.

I will not get into details as this already has been thouroughsly explained in this video:

At last I've found a solution which works. Log in to the Mikrotik and provide following command, changing 'wlan2' to corresponding 5GHz interface in you router:

/interface/wireless/set wlan2 skip-dfs-channels=all

I'm not sure if this setting will survive reboot, so check it for yourself.