Mr Robot and Marx and Slackware

Posted on Thu 05 April 2018 in Shitz, Wypociny

I’ve finished “Mr Robot�.
All of this shit.
I really liked it until the last part. There’s a scene in which a whore is talking about economy (sic!) and she claims everyone should read Marx. I agree. Everyone should read and understand what Marx planned for us: life as savages in constant poverty. What I really don’t like about this scene is what she’s saying about God because she’s missing the point.
People in Western world are so stupid they still believe that some kind of communism could be a good thing. They are living in so called capitalism but in reality this is just different sort of marxism implemented in Western world by Frankfurter Schule.
99% of Americans breath with marxism and do not even know of it and is unable to recognize it because all the education they have is already poisoned and do not provide tools to identify these viruses and to disinfect.
Whole Mr Robot series didn’t say a word about how all this world is broken. What we have built is a self-theft. If someone lays in bed with B10 in a wallet and next day he has 20 times more and starts to buy real things for this money he just STEAL stuff from people who produce goods. This knowledge is simple to understand but everyone believes he’s not a victim because everyone is robbing everyone.
A note: there’s a laptop with Slackware logo in last episode so I think it will be smart to shutdown all Slackware machines you have now and move to something less popular. ;) Irony.