Problemy z instalacją po sieci WAŻNE!

Posted on Fri 09 June 2006 in SGI O2 z NetBSD

Cytat z emaila z grupy:

worthy of note: the SGI PROM implementation is, ah, "deprecated" enough that it treats port numbers as a *signed* 16-bit number, which means it won't play well with some tftpd implementations. (i believe this is mentioned somewhere in the install documentation.) in practice, i could only get it to boot from a netbsd tftp server (how fitting).

Along similar lines, the older SGI PROMs (indy, indigo) will not recognize or boot from newer SCSI drives, so you have to keep an old 18G or smaller unit to boot from. bsd kernel doesn't care. it's reminiscent of the olden PC limitation wherein you can use any disk you want as long as the kernel and bootloader are somewhere the BIOS can find them.

> Sorry to piggy-back a little bit, but if I understand correctly, I'll > be able to use an NFS server on my LAN [to which the O2 will also be > connected, of course] to boot the O2 with all of the required kernels > and stuff, and THEN get it to install netBSD from the CD that I > already have, without needing to do anything special to my CD?

not at all. in a nutshell, some platforms have an INSTALL kernel which includes an embedded disk image with enough tools to complete the install. in such a case, you don't need to configure NFS at all. per, use a dhcpd.conf like:

host sc {
hardware ethernet 08:00:69:xx:xx:xx;
server-name "";
fire up your tftpd, and unpack a suitable INSTALL kernel image into /tftpboot (or wherever your system keeps it), then issue these PROM commands:
setntenv netaddr
boot -f bootp():/netbsd-INSTALL32_IP2x
where the filename matches that of the INSTALL kernel.
Once you have sysinst, you can use any distribution source you like.